Pedodontics deals with children’s teeth and their related habbits which include caries, root canal and habits like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, rampant caries, space maintners, young children can get a type of decay called as baby bottle tooth caries, it destroys enamel quickly, this type of decay is common in children who are put to sleep with bottle of milk or juice in their mouth, bottle exposes to constant supply of carbohydrates which help bacteria to strive which produce acids which demineralise the tooth enamel and it can become worse if parents do not clean the childrens tooth as well as stop the habit of bottle feeding in night, and eventually result in a cavity which can cause sensentivity intially and later followed by pain and which needs root canal, this can be prevented to a certian extend by brushing at night, using pit and fissure sealents, certian times flouride therapy more over vist your dentist and have regular check up every time, and keep it as a routine procedure every year.