Teeth are needed for mastication as well as speach, the loss of teeth can affect the mastication, which in turn can affect the digestion as well as taste of food, and futher the speach is also affected, mastication consists of rhythimic sepration and apposition of jaws and biophysics and bio-mechanical process, including the use of lips, teeth, cheek, tongue,palate and all oral structres to preapre food for swallowing, the loss of tooth is a strong incentive tocomplete dentures, the edentulous state represents a comprimise to the intergrity of the masticatory system as well as the cosmetic appearence of the induvidual, complete dentures are are maintained in position by forces of adhesion, cohesion, interfacial surface tension,atmospheric pressure and thier adaptation to supporting and surrounding structres in oral cavity,proper prosthodontic treatment of edentulous patients requires that they are prepared orally, physically and physcoligically before treatment and theese aspects of health are evaluated during and after clinical treatmnet.Most patients regard tooth loss as a mutulating and strong incentive to take dental care for preservation of healthy dentition and socially acceptable appearence, loss of multiple tooth can cause distortion of facial skeleton and function of soft tissues, the edentulous state represents a comprimise in the intergrity of masticatory system, it is accompanied by adverse functional and cosmetic apperaence, it would be nice to educate the induvidual,that changes in the supporting bone continues as long as the patient lives, and recent extraction patients should be warned of resorption greatest during the first year of extraction, than happening later.