Public awareness of improvements in dental services,influence of entertaint media and the pressures of presenting the proper image, in work place have all resulted in the increased demand for cosmetic services, which can vary from the conservative procedures, like bleaching, veneering, using either composite or ceramic(porcelian)and to much less conservative procedures like full crowns, the goal of cosmetic dentistry is to produce the kind of health, beauty which can be described as a balance between harmony of body, and mind and functional needs like proper mastication,dental problem correction, along with psychotherapy like stress management should be considered in addition to cosmetic as well as occlusal needs of of induvidual,


There are vigrous discussion and contriversy expressed in literature, about the possible relation between abnormal occlusion and unidentified, symptoms,abnormal occlusion causes mandibular devations, mandibular deviations generates an abnormal alignment of space and therefore, deviated posture,where as abnormal alignment and deviated posture, induces unidentified symptoms like migrine, tinitus, shoulder stifness, neck pain, back pain and even numbeness of arms, the facial deformaties, caused by mandibular deviation related to abnormal occlusion are, asymetric size of eyes, unilateral dimples,traction of mouth angle, asymetry of nasiolabial groove, We at DOCOTORS DENTAL CLINIC are obliged to provide you with complete, physical, mental and dental health,so we have tied up with ST.VINCNETS aurvedic centre for aurverva treatment, where you can stay and carry out treatment and for stress management we have tied up with BOSCO INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGY AND SPIRTUALITY by Fr.K.C THOMAS Proper finishing and polishing of Dental restorations are important aspect of restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry, which will improve esthetics as well as longivity of the restored tooth, residual roughness due to inproper finishing and polishing of dental restoration can result in problems like excessive plaque accumilation, gingival irritation, increased surface staining and poor esthetics of induvidual