Uncomplicated chronic gingivits is the most common disease of the gingiva affecting both the interdental gingiva and marginal gingiva,it should be determined in the earliest stages and treated at the earliest, usuallypainless it is the main cause of gingival bleeding, failure to treat it invites destruction of the underlying periodontal tissues and premature tooth loss, although chronic gingivitis may never progress to bone loss it is the intial stages of periodontitis and should be treated before pockets develop, chronic gingivitis is caused by plaque accumilation, which can be due to dental plaque, calculas, food impaction, over hanging or inproperly contoured restoration or irritating removable prosthesis, inproperly finished inlay margins.

or crown margins, if a pocket happens to form the treatment of such condiotns is either by gingevectomy or flap surgery, in certian situations where the pulp of tooth becomes necrotic due to infection form a periodontal pocket it is best to carry out a combination treatment of root canal and flap surgery