Periodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with health of gums and other supporting tissues of teeth. In this context oral hygiene is most important. Brushing your teeth is the most basic need method of dental hygiene, brushing reduces plaque accumilation and thus reduces gum disease like gingivits.

This is a mechanical way of cleaning of teeth, chemical inhibitors of plaque are mouth washes and tooth pastes which can be used along with brushing and according to need of individual. Proper cleaning of teeth performed once a day to remove all plaque is sufficent, if plaque removal is not adequate then brushing twice a day is helpful.

A soft tooth brush is generally recomended as they cause less tooth abrasion and recession of gums, tooth brushes should be changed once in three months, powered tooth brushes are also available with different movemnets of bristles. Other dental cleaning aids include dental floss, inter dental brush. Flossing helps to remove plaque between the teeth, where there is tight contact, inter dental brushes are sutible for cleaning large spaces between teeth, oral irrigators can be used by patient at home to flush out food debris from areas where tooth brushes do not reach.