Children when young devolop habbits like thumb sucking which is begun as a normal response to anxiety and stress, the pleasure is obtained from the contact of skin of the thumb with the oral mucous membrane. Thumb sucking also creates a intense negative pressure in the oral cavity which has a determinal effect on the development of the facial area and narrowing dental arches, not all thumb sucking habbits are not harmful and factors like duration intensity and frequency of the habbit determines the degree of damage to oral structres. Normally these habbits should stop by the age of four or five years, but if the child continues the habbit it is harmful and is best controlled by using a dental crib, and the ideal age to to begin treatment is when decidous tooth are shed and the permanent tooth begins to erupt. Idealy it is good to continue for a period of twelve months to prevent the relapse of habbit. Tongue-Thursting When the teeth have not erupted into the oral cavity, children during breast feeding to get suction use tongue, which comes in between the upper and lower alveolar jaw, but the habbit normally stops by the time the teeth erupt into the oral cavity. Sometimes the habbit persists and affect the front teeth, which can get proclained thus increasing the overjet, if the habbit is still continued after the teeth erupt in the oral cavity, it is best to have an appliance called tounge guard which prevents the tongue from comming forward during swallowing, this appliance can be worn for six to twelve months depending on induvidual needs.