Orthodontics is the correction of malocclusions of the teeth. It also includes study of growth and development of jaws and face as influencing the position of the teeth. There are three categories in field of Orthodontics: Preventive orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, corrective orthodontics.

  1. Preventive orthodontics includes procedure that prevent malocclusions such as
  2. early detection and correction of carious lesions that might change the arch length, elimination of oral habits, placing of space maintainers.
  3. Interceptic orthodontics includes procedures taken to lessen the severity of malocclusions by serial extractions comes in this category.
  4. Corrective orthodontics includes procedures to reduce or eliminate malocclusion

There are several reasons for malocclusion:

  1. Presence of supernumerary teeth
  2. Missing teeth.
  3. Abnormal shapes and size of certain teeth.
  4. Abnormal labial frenum.
  5. Premature loss of deciduous teeth.
  6. Prolonged retention of deciduous teeth
  7. Improper dental restoration.

There are general factors of malocclusion

  1. Hereditary
  2. Congenital defects like clept palate
  3. Systemic diseases
  4. Dietary problem
  5. Abnormal presure habits like thumb and finger sucking, abnormal swallowing habits.