Geratic Dentistry The loss of tooth always has been associated with ageing as we look into the futre we find now more and more aged induviduals who are partially edentulous as the oral hygiene standards as well as the care for the periodontal tissues has improved, we can expect an increasing demand of old age induviduals who require partial dentures, than complete dentures, to restore mouth esthetically and functionally, as an induvidual ages changes in alveolar bone occurs like bone becoming osteoportic, changes in oral mucosa, salivary glands with regard to production of saliva, changes occur in teeth pulp and periodontium, when treating old age patients it should be kept in mind that hearing, touch, smell, sight diminishes, but theese changes are gradual and compensatory mechanisms strengthen with age. the two main dental disease conditoins that are encountered in old age population are periodotnal disease and root caries.Obuiously theese two have a common base for the cause dental plaque, periodontal disease is sporadic in nature and patients can be in inactive state for years, when we encounter teeth that are mobile and covered with plaque in our geriatic patients. our first thought may be to extract the tooth and add them to the existing partial denture, we must remember that in an 85year old patient, that theese tooth may have been loose for 30years, and definetly they are survivors and should not be extracted in the absence of pain, or fear of aspiration, though every effort should be made to remove plaque on daily baisis, it should be nice to have regular professional scaling and root planning every six months, will help to prolong their stay in the oral cavity.

ROOT CARIES Another frequent problem in old age induviduals, lack of oral care leads to to bone loss and exposure of roots to oral enviornment, which due to food impaction between teeth and are not removed leads to root caries.which if not diagonosed and treated early can lead to pain and eventually root canal treatment will be needed. MAINTENCE CARE FOR OLD AGE PATIENTS. 1.Brush twice dialy,using proper technique and proper brush(softbrush). 2.Use interdental brushes and oral irrigators which can flush out food debries between teeth. 3.Have a regular check up every month and oral prophylaxis including sub-gingival scaling if needed. 4.Use flouride mouth rinses or flouride pastes. 5.Take bitewing x-ray check up once in every two years.