Internal Resorption Trauma and accidents to face, which results in luxation of tooth and which eventually shows its results as colour change to tooth, and which can end up in resorption(internal). Which may not clinically manifest unless some clinical symptoms shows out, like gingival swelling or discolouration of tooth, which can be noted in radiograph of the tooth.


Such tooth which has history of trauma should be followef by radiograph within one year, and there after every two years, along with vitality testing to rule out pulp death. Which is the basic cause of internal resorption. External Resorption Trauma can cause avulsion of tooth out of socket, which can be saved if re-implanted immediately with out loss of time.








Such tooth should be splinted using arch wire or any other means of splinting for six weeks.

The tooth should be treated with root canal either before or after spinting or eventually result in external resorption of apical area. Orthodontic forces which is active for a longer period of time can cause root resorption which is caused by prolonged usage of rectangular arch wires,resorption can occur especiallly in roots with abnormal shape, and small roots resorb faster, and including the treatment time with recatangular arch wires.