Open apex tooth is a rarity, and once tooth with open apex is confirmed, the treatment procedure to conserve such tooth is a major task. The reson for open apex can be trauma to tooth during the root formation, resulting in stagnation of completion of root formation, the induvidual will come to know when either a leshion appears with colour change or pain to cold water, the treatment options of such tooth earlier where rool cone technique of guttapercha, apexification using calcium hydroxide, which is a delayed process and even apical surgery and retrograde filling.

A tooth with an open apex, with pulp death, can undergo apexogenisis, due to the presence of vital pulp tissue, which can carry out the apexogenisis procedure.










With the advent of Mineral Tri-oxide Aggregrate(MTA), which is biocompatable material to periapical tissues also, the treatment duration was reduced to a single vist, not like the apexification using calcium hydroxide, which requires multiple appointments.MTA forms a tight seal to the dentinal walls, and required a minimum of 5mm at the apical region to prevent microlekage.