Root canal done tooth, cannot withstand the forces of mastication, as a normal healthy tooth does, and can fracture at the cervical level.

To prevent such happenings a post is commonly employed, which can prevent fracture of the tooth to certain extend , post is normally not required in situations where more than half healthy tooth structure is present, but is required in situations where the tooth structure is like shell.


After all post doesn’t strengthen the tooth but re-enforces the core structure by adhering to it. Post are available in different types of material. Metal –

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Gold plated brass post
  3. Fiber post
  4. Split Shank post system

Even with all these advances, where we can make a tooth from, even a root stump, using a dental post, it is easy for the patient either to break the post or even the post perforating side wall of the root canal, by applying unwanted masticatory forces.So eventually the success of Dental post treatment can depend on the individual general care as well as the unwanted forceses applied on. Dental post re-in forced tooth, like clenching and compressive stress.