Teeth out of the socket due to trauma or other reason can be saved, if they are treated correctly by using the proper technique, studies have shown that such teeth which where stored in proper media can be reimplanted even after 24 hours with good prognosis,sucess of delayed re-implantation depends on the vitality of the cells remaning on the root surface.The teeth can be stored in varoius media like water, ice, milk, saline, water and ice are not good media, since the vitality of cells of the periodontal ligament are lost due to the difference in osmolarity and Ph of water and ice, cells burst out, while milk is also not good, or saliva, normal saline is a good media, but lack the the minerals, the ideal solution is (HBSS)Hands Balanced Soution, it has all the metobalites necessary for the maintenc of vitality of the periodotnal firbers. The treatmment of such tooth is by splinting by using soft splint, like fibers or mesh or even metallic wire,even orthodontic brackets can be used as a splinting in young children composite(tooth coloured filling material) can be used as a splint.



The splint should be ideally placed for six weeks, certian times a root canal treatment should be carried out, after the oral inflamation has subsided, and recall x-rays of six months and one year should be carried out, the complications normally seen are teeth going for ankylosis or even resorption if the root canal treatment is not carried out.