The application of newer materials and techniques has led to the ultra conservation dentistry, which has improved the esthetic appearance of the individual. Happiness is denoted by healthy smile, healthy smile is produced by healthy beauty. The concept of esthetic dentistry has evolved due to the contribution of mainly three researchers. Micheal Bunocare – who demonstrated that acrylic can bond to enamel. Rafel Bowen who found out composite (tooth colored filling material) Noboa Nakabayashi – who found the principle of total etch, whose work led to the principles of bonding composite to dentin. Through various researches the bond between polymeric material (composite) and dentin is in the prime of success, the quality of composite has reached nano-hybrid composite. Currently there has been various improvements in the bond of the composite to the dentin by improved bonding agents, thus increasing the bond strength.

These nano hybrid composites can be used to close spaces between teeth and even as composite veneers. These nano hybrid composite has good strength, but there is slight difficulty in molding due to their increased content of filling. But limitations are there in the strength and life of the restoration when used as a veneer, especially in individuals with occlusal habbits, which can cause fracture and chipping out of restorations. Thus when doing a composite veneer, factors such as grinding individuals and those with high masticatory faces are not an ideal candidate for composite veneer, so case selection is an ideal factor for the success of composite veneers.