Dental caries is a medical term for tooth decay and cavities, it is caused by acid erosion of tooth enamel by bacteria which thrive in our mouth, they along with food debris which accumulate in our mouth form plaque, this plaque accumulate in pits and fissures in back tooth, between teeth, around fillings and bridge works, this bacteria utalise sugars and carbohydrates in our daily intake of food and produce acids, which dissolve the tooth enamel, which are difficult to observe first, but once in dentine, they progress fast to form cavity early caries is not detectable, but when in dentin, the patient complaints of sensitivity to cold and hot food ,caries can be detected by observation by the dentist, cavity detecting dyes, x-rays- bite wing x-ray,

Young children develop a caries called baby bottle caries, this happens in children who sleep with with bottle of milk or juice in the mouth, and which provides a constant supply of carbohydrates forthe bacteria and eventually they produce acids which destroy the enamel and thus caries, when you become old where the gums has receded and the roots are exposed decay can occur in root, well the treatment of caries is removal of it and restoring the tooth with a filling material tooth coloured or if the decay has reached the pulp, and resulted in pain for the individual the treatment would be root canal, fillings will not last for life long in your mouth and it needs replacement or correction at times, since they can become discoloured, and even small fractures can occur since the the forces of chewing, clenching act upon them, and which can cause marginal breakdown of the filling and even lead to secondary caries, which can go unnoticed, and even end up in root canal, so it is best to have check with bite wing x-rays of your filling once in two years.