Has to offer. Not to mention the kind of people who make the rest of us feel like slackers. Fortunately for those of us who do feel the need for a week of rest, relaxation, and Vogue reading rather than the need to repaint, rebuild and renovate, the Alternative Spring Breakers have promised me that there will be plenty of opportunities for UCSB students to donate to the rebuilding cause even after the break is done..

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And then stuff starts to just fall off your mouth. It’s like a basketball player when he’s shooting three pointers. You have a heat check every now and then, but you’ll still make them. The NFL received harsh backlash last year when Sen. Jeff Flake, R Ariz., and Sen. John McCain, R Ariz., revealed how the Department of Defense paid professional sports teams to host in game ceremonies as a form of recruitment.

“This may be the only time they get to play for their country. Their first game is Thursday against Italy.”We’re hoping they are going to throw us a bunch of meatballs over the plate,” laughed Hefflick, who went on to explain that in team jargon that means “juicy pitches that we can hit out of the park.””The kids came up with that,” he said.The team dominated at the national tournament. Over eight games they scored 114 runs to their opponents’ 24.A Canadian team hasn’t reached the finals at Williamsport for over 50 years.

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