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Dental Implants


What is Dental Implant?

1. Dental Implant is the surgical placement of the implant(s) into the bone. This is done with a local anesthetia. After surgery, there is a healing period, during this time, the implants fuse to the bone by a process known as ‘osseointegration’.

dental implants

2. Next, there is a small surgical exposure of the top of the implant, whereby the dentist will attach the post to the implant(s). The function of the post is to become the support for either one tooth or a set of teeth, this is a short procedure that usually requires only local anesthesia.

dental implants

3. The last phase is called the restorative phase. The dentist will take impressions and then make a prosthesis that will attach to the implants. Once completed, your mouth will be restored to natural looking, strong teeth.

dental implants


Dental implants replaces fractured or broken teeth with artificial teeth. The artificial tooth is inserted into the jaw. Dental implantology is a recent development. By dental implants you can replace a single tooth or several teeth. Jawbones play a major part to support a prosthetic tooth. Different forms of oral implants exist. Teeth implants are inserted into the jawbone surgically, or on top of the jawbone and done using device similar to a nut and a pressure plate.

Prosthodontist determines the type of dental implant you need. Any one missing a tooth can go for dental implant. For complicated and advanced dental implants, metal plates and screws are inserted into the jawbones to give increased jaw support. It will look like a real tooth and also functions like natural teeth. Bone anchored tooth implants compensate for lost root support. Dental implants look very natural that you cannot differentiate the artificial teeth from real natural teeth. Custom Implant is also available.


Dental Implants (sample case file)


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