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Oral health is essential for our overall well-being. A regimen of brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet, and visiting a dentist regularly can help you maintain a healthy, attractive mouth throughout our life. Regular dental checkups is important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and for diagnosing and treating dental problems.


        Duration of Services



Missing teeth can be replaced individually without compromising the adjacent teeth as in the case of a fixed replacement.  

Where your irregular and protruded teeth are brought to normal alignment or retracted using straight arch wire technique within the shortest period of time.

The brackets used in straight arch wire technique are more comfortable for the patient and more precise in results than the conventional begg technique.

  Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics  

Where teeth decayed is filled using silver amalgam or tooth coloured filling material, provided grossly decayed teeth are saved using inlays or onlays without going for full restoration such as crown.

Tooth with history of pain are treated by root canal therapy where the infected pulp tissue from the canals are removed and filled with gutta purcha material, whereby the tooth can be saved from extraction. Trauma leading to tooth avulsion and mobility are splinted in the socket to adjacent tooth and thus can be saved from tooth loss.

Individuals with gum related problems leading to tooth mobility and avulsion of tooth are treated by different treated modalities thereby tooth loss can be prevented.  

Replacement of tooth loss by trauma or through extraction by fixed means using ceramic bridges where support is taken from adjacent tooth.

Missing tooth can be replaced by removable means such as cast partial dentures, where they have to be removed and cleaned daily.

Individual tooth where Root Canal have been carried out are placed with ceramic or metal crowns.

Individual tooth can be replaced by using implant screws where the adjacent tooth can be saved from being used as abutment as in fixed bridges.

Children below age 12 are attended for their various habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, mouth breathing and also management of decayed tooth as well as tooth having pain by conservative means.  
  Oral Surgery  

Where the tooth which cannot be saved by any means are surgically removed and as well as correction of facial deformations such as precluded upper & lower jaw, lip deformation and of the palate.  
  Cosmetic Dentistry  

   Where a shell like material which is similar in colour to tooth is placed over discoloured or malformed tooth, thus correcting the deformities. These laminates are made of ceramic or composite material.

Diastema Closure
   Where tooth spacing in between them can be corrected from there unaesthetic appearance using tooth coloured material or ceramic lamination

Bleaching of discoloured tooth

U.S. Dental Hygiene Program


Professional cleaning, to keep your gums healthy. Tooth whitening whiter teeth, in about one hour.  


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