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Doctor's Dental Clinic is a premier dental clinic in India providing advanced treatments in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Our services include Teeth Implants, Dental Veneers, Bridges, Crowns & Caps, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Therapy, Orthodontics, Full & Partial Dentures, Extraction, Filling, and Restoration.

Images display case work done at Doctor's Dental Clinic.
1.Dental Implants
     Artificial teeth is inserted into the jaw or on top of the jawbone using device similar to a nut and a pressure plate. The replaced missing tooth will work like natural tooth. Teeth implants compensate for lost root support.
2.Dental Veneers
Veneers are used for teeth that are severely discolored, misshapen, crooked, having small holes, or to correct unwanted or uneven spaces. They are bonded to the teeth to give a natural look.
3.Dental Bridge
Bridge is used to fill the space from a missing tooth. The false tooth is attached to the other two teeth around the missing tooth to form a bridge. Maintaining a good oral hygience will increase the life of a bridge .
4.Crowns & Caps
Restores, protect, and strengthen tooth which had undergone root canal thereapy, as well as fractured tooth, or tooth with deformites. It is cemented on top of the teeth.

5.Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry removes unaesthetic appearance of the teeth to give good, pleasant, bright look to your face and smile. We make your teeth brighter to create confident, healthy, brighter smile, a complete smile makeover.
6.Root Canal Therapy
Root Canal Therapy is needed to prevent the gum disease and swelling. When gum and jaw becomes affected, it causes tooth decay, or tooth loss. Teeth with history of pain are saved from extaction using Root Canal treatment.
7.Orthodontic Corrections
Orthodontists use braces and retainers for teeth and irregularities of jaw to straighten teeth and fix jaw problems. We straighten overlapping, spaced, fanged, protruding, irregular, and misaligned teeth with wires and braces.
8.Dentures - Full & Partial
Dentures can be complete or partial. It can be removed easily for washing and cleaning. Dentures are done when the patient has lost real teeth. Sailava flow increases temporarly when dentures are fitted.
9.Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a kind of cosmetic dentistry to remove darkened, stained, and discolored appearance of the teeth. It is done by dental bleaching. Teeth darkened or stained by cigarette or coffee stains are whitened by tooth bleaching.


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